Benefits of Association with us

  • We work with your budget
  • If you are an existing Adwords user, we assure you 10-20% hike in enquiries.
  • 100% of the amount paid by you will be deposited in your adword account
  • We help you to create a Landing page for your company to link with your advertisement which will have all the information about your services/ products to generate more enquiries.
  • Domain registration, web space - (with bandwidth maintenance & server security) for a year.
  • You will get reports of your ads every Day/Week/Month
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Support.
  • We organise conferences with Google Technical Officials, with our clients to resolve various queries.

With Apex infotech india solution, you can

  • Easy Setup

    Our Software will help you create campaigns in a breeze.

  • Analyze Your Data

    Powerful algorithms to optimize campaigns

  • Dedicated Support

    Dedicated support team to answer your queries.

  • Great Savings

    Save more than 20% of AdWords spend.

Initializing the Project

  • Search Engine
  • Google, Bing & Facebook

  • Account Setup

  • Conversion Code Consultation

  • Initial Call Setup

Campaign Optimization

  • Keyword Research & Bid Management
  • Unlimited

  • Competitive Analysis

  • A - B Ad Copy Testing

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Campaign Tweaking


  • Images Ads* 8
  • Landing Page Consultation*

  • Website Optimizer (If required)

  • Click Fraud Support


  • Google Analytics Setup Consultation
  • Advanced


  • Weekly Report

  • Monthly Report

  • Advanced Reports


  • Email Support

  • Chat Support

  • Conference Calls

Krishna Dev Tripathi (Founder)
If best quality leads is what you are looking for then you need to look no further. Apex Infotech India with its automated platform does razor sharp targeting in your niche and gets in quality leads at affordable prices.